Planning ahead is one of my strong points. I do not like surprises and therefore take great pains to try and reduce the number of whimsical events in my life. I do this by planning.

Approaching with the speed of light - the new year

Since it is the end of December, I have a sneaking suspicion a new year will be starting soon. I’m not one for resolutions. I’m a firm believer in the Yoda Philosophy, “Do or do not; there is no try.” I don’t resolve or try to lose weight. I either commit to an exercise routine or not. I either monitor my food intake or not. I can’t give up smoking since I’ve never smoked. I will not even consider giving up chocolate.

I began writing Little Bits of History (where is was called Patti’s Parenthetical Past) for Really Good Quotes (RGQ) a long time ago. It may be five years now. My first essays  were really just paragraphs and the quotes. But then I started writing a bit more  and then a bit more than that. I ended up with three paragraphs and three quotes. I wrote three essays per week, for Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

I asked Bruce, then owner of the e-zine, who owned the copyright to my work and he assured me that I retained rights.

So I began to dream of publishing the essays/quotes. I would create a book or maybe sell them to newspapers. I would have to fill out the work and write 365 or 366 per year. I started with my earliest piece (scroll way down) and turned it into a four paragraph (the link is the same date as it appears on Little Bits of History) work and found an extra quote. I wrote essays for each day of the year.

I can write without much problem. It isn’t always brilliant or even mediocre, but it is writing and I do it with relative ease. Marketing what I write is a whole different problem and I’m not up to the task. So I started a blog and decided to give my writing away for free. At least some people might read it. Maybe.

Someone noticed my blog and suggested I write for I got lured in and actually made some money from my writing – although not very much. It was marginally better than giving it away for free. And there was some good from it. This is where I got the funds to buy my Kindle. And it is where I am getting funds to buy books for my Kindle, so it is all working out.

I continued to write these history essays for over three years at RGQ. Then I was asked to take over writing a lead article once a week and felt “piggy” having two spots in the zine. So I stopped writing the history essays.

I had volume 1 with 366 essays and that is what is posted to my blog, Little Bits of History. I had volume 3 with 366 essays and that is what is posted at You might wonder what happened to volume 2. Well, that volume only had 3/7 of the essays written. All of the topics are selected and there is even a bibliography saved with links to information to write the essays themselves. But only three essays per week are actually finished.

So I’m planning ahead. I have used the essays on Little Bits of History twice now. I posted them in 2009, new and fresh each day. And then I reposted them in 2010. I really can’t do that again. Once a week, I’m linking to my essays over at Examiner, because they won’t pay residuals to me if I don’t post something new. So I’m basically posting a directory to each week’s essays and they will give me money to buy books for my Kindle.

But I have this partially finished volume 2 sitting on my hard drive. And there is a new year starting. I can promise three new essays each week. I have gotten out of the habit or writing except for this blog. I need to discipline myself enough to write for a few hours each week. Since my topics are chosen and researched already, it should not be that difficult. I need to take up my Yoda stance and just do it. Not to try; simply to do – and produce a new year’s worth of essays.

I also have a volume 4 started. Each and every day written already and simply waiting in the wings. However, that volume is only done up to the middle of August. So, there could be a future to my essay writing. I just don’t have a total handle on what it is quite yet.