Bad luck seems to haunt all of us from time to time. Most of my days go smoothly, but there are these sudden valleys into which my Lady Luck descends and pouts.

We have been in a technology vortex here. Dick’s computer was dying and we were able to get it to work in Safe Mode only. We got all his files off the computer and then went out and purchased him a new one. It is much nicer and it fresh and new and should last for a while. We hope so, anyway.

I wanted to see if I could get the old one to work good enough to give to the grandkids so they could perhaps play some simple computer games. That would be fun for them and keep them off their Dad’s expensive Apple, too. That was my hope, but it wasn’t looking too good. I ended up having to do an entire system restore and then spend a day getting hundreds and hundreds of Microsoft updates installed. But it does work right now. It’s still a crappy, old computer but it works enough to play some easy, small kid games.

Kindle just like mine

I love my Kindle. I thought people who were mesmerized by the technology were nuts. I thought it was a marketing ploy, and a good one. I thought I wouldn’t be such a proselytizer. I never dreamed I would preach the Gospel of Kindle. However, I love my Kindle.

I love the feel of it in my hand. I love the ease of getting books. I love the entire experience of reading on my Kindle. I’ve begun reading books again because they are on the Kindle. I have even figured out an income stream to help me pay for books on my Kindle.

There is a program that turns non-Kindle files into something the Kindle will work with and that program is free. I have it on my computer. I cannot get text books from the library and use them, but I can get text books from the library, convert them with Mobi, and then put them on my Kindle, theoretically anyway.

I have figured out how to get books from the Internet, but not Amazon, and move them via the computer to the Kindle. They work that way, but they were already formatted in a Kindle friendly way. I have to work on getting my intermediary step done and then I can even use the library, all from the comfort of Command Central.

So, I was reading my Kindle at work yesterday and enjoying a book called Stupid Christmas. It was time to go home and so I packed my belongings up, stopped at the grocery store, got home and was ready for a lovely evening.

We went to a neighborhood party and had a wonderful time. This is another story and I may write about it at a later date. We got home and I was tired, but still too keyed up to just fall asleep.

I got into bed and turned on my Kindle to read. Well, I tried to turn on my Kindle to read. The pretty picture that is its sleep screen was showing, but it wouldn’t open my book. It is supposed to have a longer battery life than this, but … I would plug it in and then read.

I tried that. Nothing happened. But I really was tired, so I left it plugged in and just fell asleep. That would teach the dumb thing, I thought.

This morning, I powered up the Kindle. Well, I tried. Nothing happened. I plugged it into a different outlet thinking perhaps that plug was broken or something. Later that same morning, nothing happened again.

I looked all over Amazon and finally found a number to call. I called it even though it was only 7:20 AM. I had less than a minute to wait to talk to someone right here in America. I explained that my Kindle was just sitting here doing nothing and wouldn’t turn on. I was told how to power start it and that worked.

Then, the helpful woman on the other end of the  phone told me how to update my software. I explained that my Kindle was only two weeks old, but … there was indeed a software update. For some reason, it doesn’t check for this and update automatically. So she walked me through how to get it done. I did it and my Kindle is now the perfect little toy it was when I first opened the box.

I love my Kindle. And the help person was actually, truly, really helpful.