I am the master of my fate. I’m the captain of my ship. I am in charge of my life. But really, I wish someone would step in every once in a while and tell me what to do.

It’s Friday. I don’t work on Friday so I am already on my weekend. What a glorious thing – a long weekend.

I don’t have anything to do. I’m sitting here with three days stretched before me and no plans. Nothing. To do. Nowhere. To go. Blank. And I’m already bored. I was bored an hour ago. But now what to do to fill this time?

I suppose I could listen to one of my Great Courses. And I could crochet while listening to one of my Great Course DVDs. Something I want to have accomplished but do not want to do is figure out how to make my Kindle like pdf files. I downloaded the program I need to make them format better on the Kindle and I’m literate enough to figure out how to make this work if I would only take the time.

But that is something I want to have done. Not something I want to do. That’s my problem. I have several looming tasks that are at best not at all interesting. I have things I could do with my time, but I don’t want to do them. It’s not like I really have nothing to do. I have nothing I want to do, which is a whole different thing.

I love Command Central but it needed tweaking. I already did that. Mostly what I needed here was better lighting. I have a different lamp here now and the lighting is better, both in brightness and in direction. That took ten minutes to fix.

The dog has been wiggling around on the couch for a few days now. I guessed her back itched. I brushed her. I spent more time on her hair than I did on mine. But I’m done with that now.

I could start weeding all my articles off of Examiner.com. They apparently don’t feel the need to pay residuals. I have had more than enough hits to earn some money, but I haven’t gotten any payments from them since July when I stopped posting fresh content. I wonder if they didn’t pay me for older content hits before. It’s hard to tell what they do as they just arbitrarily change things like pay rate without even notifying the writers.

So I would like to take my content down from there, but it looks like I have to do each article separately. Apparently they don’t want to lose the content, but they don’t want to pay me for using my content as a backdrop for their ads. And they got even more crap popping up all around the content making it even less thrilling to click through to them.

I see no reason to let some guy who links to my articles to make money for creating links to me and me not get paid. I’ve known he did this and kept waiting for some PayPal update. But nothing. So I have to go through and remove about 400 articles separately. And it isn’t easy to remove an article, several clicks each. What a pain. Which is why I don’t want to do it; I just want it done.

So I do have things to do. I should really go and do something. But I would rather complain about having nothing to do.