As I sat freezing in South Carolina, I thought about global warming. It is very cold here. It is very cold and very snowy back home. I’m happier with the very cold without the snow. You don’t have to shovel cold.

Our weather forecast

The world’s climate is shifting. They say it is anyway. I’m not sure how they are determining it is getting hotter. It has been colder here each year since we moved down here. But some scientist somewhere is doing something with aggregate temperatures and it says we are, as a planet, warmer than before.

Mars, according to scientists is also warmer than before.

Some people here on this planet are blaming humans for the increase in heat. I have no idea how we are also affecting Mars, but these are journalists so I know they are transmitting the stories from the scientists accurately. So I will believe the climate is shifting towards warmer.

What I don’t understand is why this is shocking to anyone.

In the Mississippi River basin, there are remains of dinosaurs. These dinosaurs lived in lush tropical climates. Once upon a time, the central states of the United States were tropical. Then something happened and it wiped out the dinosaurs. They must have been creating too much carbon dioxide or something.

Then, later in that same planetary history, there was an Ice Age. It is fun to travel around the northern states of the United States and see evidence of glacial passages. There are rocks with grooves from the movement of boulders in the crushing ice. I’ve seen them.

The northern part of Ohio is flat compared to the southern part of the state. The glaciers covered the northern part of the state and flattened it, while the southern portion remains rolling hills.

When there was enough ice at the caps to reflect enough sun and trap enough whatevers to finally start melting the glaciers, they began to retreat. This was cool because Neanderthal Man was getting really cold. Perhaps it was because these early humans were burning too many wood fires and carbon dioxide was trapped in the atmosphere. But for some reason, the glaciers retreated and we found Canada and Russia hiding under them.

The planet is not a stable place. There are earthquakes brewing. Volcanoes are seething. Most of the devastating, life destroyed, huge, massive, blow the skies up earthquakes and volcanoes were eons ago. However, we are waiting for another biggie in the Mississippi River valley. We are grateful for Old Faithful and other geysers for releasing some of the pressure, but eventually those things are gonna blow.

While I believe it is essential to live cleanly and not make a bigger mess than we need to, I also believe that deforestation is a bigger problem than car exhaust. And I believe that Chinese car exhaust issues are more destructive than US car emissions. Our cars are both cleaner and there are fewer of them. Did that traffic jam in China ever disperse?

All in all, there does seem to be climate change. It is not clear to me that cars and manufacturing are the entire cause. Deforestation seems far more destructive but that doesn’t seem to be part of the punitive program to halt global warming via the Kyoto Protocols.

Maybe I just don’t understand all this enough. There is a good chance that is true as I am not a scientist.  What I do know is that I’m tired of being cold. But I am grateful there is no snow here.