I work in an office. We communicate with our clients in any number of ways. And, since we live in this age of technological wonder, there are really myriad ways to stay connected.

Stay in touch!

I personally have three different e-mail addresses. One I use all the time, one I use sometimes, and one I have to have but never use (because I’m something special in some odd way with a Yahoo Group). I also have a business e-mail account and business junk e-mail account. Dick has a personal e-mail and a business e-mail address. That’s seven e-mail addresses between us and only that if I haven’t forgotten any.

I had a Twitter account, but I deleted it. I have a Facebook account and love staying connected with many friends from all my past lives using that venue. I also belong to a couple different forums and can communicate with people there. Some of those people have also merged into my Facebook friends, but that is the wonder of the internet.

I have a land line phone. And a cell phone. And Dick has a cell phone. So between us, we have three phone numbers.

We also have a mailbox so we can use the United States postal service. And hopefully, UPS will also make a delivery to my house today. Sometimes FedEx stops by as well.

Then there is the ever decreasing likelihood of actually meeting someone face-to-face. Amazing when it happens. No interface of plastic or wires or paper, but actually person to person interaction. Scary stuff there. At one time, this was the only means of communication. If you wanted to talk to somebody, you had to go and talk to them. When most of the world was illiterate, you couldn’t even send a message because you couldn’t write it and the other person couldn’t read it.

Today we are in constant communication and yet … we get a little edgy about that. We have Do Not Call lists. We get absolutely paranoid when someone wants to start listing our cell phone numbers. We like our privacy and only carefully hand out our e-mail addresses. In my case, I’ve made junk e-mail addresses to keep the spamlike stuff out of my regular inbox.

We have all these methods of contact and then try to protect ourselves from being over-contacted. I have to make sure I’m not offending someone when I, at work, call them. We actually have a service that allows (okay, mandates) us to check and make sure our phone calls will not be construed as harassment.

We have a policy to make sure we don’t inundate unsuspecting clients with too much e-mail. Clients are able to opt out of this type of communication. This works for mass communications but allows us to still send individual e-mail to people.

The home office also has all these communication options open to them. So we are going to try to determine if people want NO contact at all, NO contact from the home office, SOME contact from the home office, NO contact from our office, SOME contact from our office, or ALL contact from our office. And then we need to know what method of contact they are wishing and hoping for.

I suppose this is still all easier than having to walk over to someone’s house/hovel and talk to them about whatever. I’m glad we live in a literate society where we can send the written word to others. It is handy to have voice transmission over wires or airwaves. It is great to be able to get the word out.

It is just so hard to make sure our words are welcome.