We went to visit the kids yesterday. It is fun to see my sons, but I mostly enjoy the grandchildren. I can actually talk to my sons on the phone any time and still feel as close. But the grandkids need more immediate interaction. Mostly because they aren’t as verbal as my adult children. Go figure.

Frankie being delighted

Francesca Rose is about a year and a half old. She is becoming verbal, but she isn’t quite up to discussing philosophy or literature. However, that doesn’t mean she doesn’t know what she likes (or what she doesn’t).

Frankie’s mother, goddess of the computer, opened the magic box, fired up You Tube, typed in the odd shapes, and up popped the bestest thing EVAR.

She went from a happy baby to a HAPPY baby as the video began. She started to dance and sing. She clapped her hands. She beamed. She glowed. She was the happiest person on the planet. All was good. She touched the magic box.

We have no idea what she touched or why whatever she touched did what it did, but it restarted the computer. Craig’s computer is old. It is sluggish. It does everything it needs to do, but it doesn’t do anything with lightening rapidity.

Frankie was crushed. Where did the video go? As we waited for the computer to reboot, one very sad little girl would try singing. She kept saying, “Please, please” and she signed “Please” over and over and over. But no matter how cute or how pitiful she was, the computer wasn’t going any faster than it already was.

The computer finally finished loading all the preliminary programs and allowed user intervention. Once again Dayna, the worker of miracles, open up You Tube and typed in the magic code. Up came the videos.

The most splendid thing on You Tube

Frankie was highly interested in a group or series of videos called Choo-Choo Soul. They are a Disney product. They are, according to one year olds of my acquaintance, the best thing since sliced bread, or even longer than that. They are wonderful.

Each educational video starts with the same lead in and Frankie sang along with the rhythmic Choo Choo Choo stuff and then sang out “Allllll aboard!”

She smiled, she clapped, she danced, she jumped getting both feet clear of the ground. She loved this part of her day. She was so excited, she was about to crawl out of her skin.

Frankie was unabashedly and unashamedly thrilled. She was delighted in this moment. She was in love with her life. She was happy and carefree and ecstatic with her circumstances. She was content – more than content – she was delighted.

When we think of the innocence of childhood, this is what we are talking about. The ability to so purely enjoy what is given to us. There were no “if onlies” there were no unmet expectations. There were no expectations at all. There was only a small child gloriously enjoying a moment.

She won’t remember this day. She has no chance of ever knowing how much fun she had watching Choo-Choo Soul. But I wish for her the ability to recapture that moment of pure joy, pure delight, pure immersion in the wondrous life she has.