What makes a fun year? I’ve just written my Christmas letter. It was much harder this year because nothing happened this year. I have had a really boring year. I have had lots of really boring years and this past one has been one of them.

I’ve had some exciting years, too. That isn’t always a good thing. Things can be exciting because they are so horrible. Who wants that type of year even once let alone year after year.

Someone else's letter probably filled with exciting news and stories of triumph

I had to fill a page with news. I have so many friends from here and there. The benefit of having moved a few times. I have people I send this letter to in the hopes they will send me a family letter back. I’m distant now and don’t have the ability to stay updated on their lives on a day to day basis. But I still care enough to want to know how they and their family are doing.

But my problem stemmed from not doing. Anything.

I’ve never been very good at writing a really braggy letter. Mostly because I don’t have anything really brag worthy to write about. We are an average family. No one has been a Nobel Peace Prize winner or even a gold medalist at the Olympics. No one has solved the energy crisis or created world peace. We haven’t been able to accomplish anything spectacular.

Except for the perfectly wonderful lives we are able to live daily.

Each day isn’t perfect, but each day is good in its own way. We aren’t fabulous but we are fortunate. We aren’t perfect, but we are pleasant. We aren’t out on the far right of the bell curve. We live our lives right smack dab in the middle of the curve, along with just about everyone else.

Even so, there have been years when I’ve had some big news. Four times I’ve been able to write about a new baby coming into our family. I’ve been able to write about these glorious events. I’ve also had to write about losing members of my family, which is much less pleasant – as I said, some years are noted for their horror.

But this year was calm. Oh, there were some bumps in the road and some potholes. There were ups and downs. But there wasn’t anything major to add to my letter. Still the page needed to have some update. I was thinking of writing – We are all a year older. Merry Christmas.

What saved me was writing blog updates. You see, after writing here day after day, never having anything to say, but managing to fill up more than page with text (I type in Office and then copy to Word Press), has given me lots of practice. And so I was up to the task. I managed to write about nothing and fill up a whole page while doing so.

I can even remove some of the text if I decide to put in a couple pictures with the text. However, last year when I did that, one picture was a little weird because I print it on Christmas paper and the background made the picture seem just a bit odd. Since I managed to fill the page (without even enlarging the font) with text, I may leave well enough alone.

I’m glad I was able to figure out how to babble incessantly without really saying anything. It has helped me in so many different ways.