I was looking through by Facebook posts yesterday and I found this: “Are you or your teen sexually promiscuous? Are you worried someone could contract a disease or become pregnant? Click here to tell us your story:” – The Doctors on Facebook.

The four doctors from the show

The Doctors is an American and Canadian television program hosted by four doctors. This is part of the daytime TV lineup available to those who don’t work or who have so much time in the evening to waste, they will DVR the things. The four doctors, like Dr. Oz on his own TV show, are actual medical doctors. Dr. Phil is not a medical doctor but he was the first to use the title of Dr. in his daytime show. As far as I know.

None of this is really my topic for the day. My topic is who in the hell would respond to this question from The Doctors. I’m aware of ratings and the need for titillating topics and this program will probably be run during the winter sweeps week, so I’m aware of the reason for the ethical and caring doctors’ reasoning for proposing the idea.

What I don’t understand is why anyone with any shred of dignity would answer this. Are we so unaware of the difference between fame and notoriety that we just crave exposure, as it were? Is there nothing the average American will not discuss on national television? Have we forgotten discretion in our rush to You Tube and “moran” status?

I realize that as we acclimate to greater and greater sexualization of everything, we tend to see less and less that is private. We freely discuss all manner of things that in earlier times might have been considered private. Our sex lives are wide open books, apparently.

Jerry Springer used to be the pinnacle of trash TV. But most daytime TV has now joined the bandwagon and will put on anything to draw in a smaller and smaller viewing audience. Or perhaps this is in response to a higher unemployment rate and knowing more men are out of work and watching the boob tube. What better way to get their attention than to put some boobs on the tube.

What do we need to do to regain some modicum of self-respect? Is this type of programming the fault of the physicians on this show? Is it their producers? Is it the public who cries out for these voyeuristic shows? Is it the people so starved for attention they will prostitute themselves for their few minutes of glory?

Does Child Protective Services need to make sure no glory hungry parent is permitted to prostitute their child to the show’s need for content?

It isn’t just these types of shows that are decayed and in need of some change. Our interpretation of what we are watching seems to be done without any real thought. We accept anything put before us without question or without judgment. If it is on TV or on the Internet, it must be true.

Responsible journalism is a thing of the past. People believe Jon Stewart is a newscaster. He sits at a news desk and comments. Apparently being on Comedy Central isn’t really a clue for many people. We don’t seem to understand the difference between commentary and news. There is a difference.

Edward R. Murrow, Walter Cronkite, and Peter Jennings are spinning in their graves. The “vast wasteland” has spurred whole new levels of entertainments. First we had music as entertainment on TV with its own station. Now we have news as entertainment. Medicine as entertainment. Everything as entertainment.

It is my firm belief, everything is not entertainment. We decry invasions of our privacy and then blab everything we know. We have blurred the lines so completely we no longer know what IS private and what is public. It is simply all for our entertainment.