I’m parsimonious, which sounds a lot better than cheap. I carefully try to get the most from the money I deign to spend. I shop the clearance racks.

I have lots of clothes, even though much of what I have accumulated no longer fit, I still had lots of clothes after emptying my closets and dressers (yes, plural of each) of those things I had outgrown.

Still, I like stuff and especially like clothes. So I shop, but as I said, I’m not just tossing money about willy-nilly. I look for the best deals I can find.

This last spring/summer Liz Claiborne had sweaters on the clearance racks. They were lightweight, but it was already way too hot to consider wearing them. They were left over stock from the winter clothing and who would want dated clothes? Me.

I tend to wear my clothing for several seasons, sometimes covering decades. I don’t wear anything out because I have so much to choose from, so it lasts and looks nice for a very long time. I would love to buy last year’s model. I will wear it for many years to come anyway.

Not only were the sweaters on the clearance rack, but they weren’t moving fast enough. So they had the gimmick of moving them faster. Buy three; get the fourth free. So I bought four.

I bought a blue and green striped sweater, two very different off white sweaters, and a black sweater. They are all beautiful and were originally priced from $60 to $70. I paid between $13 and $15 for them.

It finally got cool enough to wear such items and in the last two weeks I’ve worn all the new sweaters as well as some other clearance stuff that still had price tags on it.


Somebody else's Liz label


Here’s the deal. I hate scratchy tags. In fact, they drive me up a wall. I have ruined (in the past, not this time) brand new clothes by cutting the tags out and getting the clothing as well. But I can’t wear anything with a scratchy tag clawing at the back of my neck.

I would love to ask clothing manufacturers, if you are going to charge $69.99 for a top, can’t you spend an extra quarter on some nicer, softer, less scratchy material for your tags? I can’t imagine anyone who would pay $69.99 for a top with a icky tag, deciding that $70.24 was just too much to spend.

I was afraid to completely cut out the tags from the Liz sweaters. I did get rid of the size thing that is sewn to the label, but sweaters seem to not take well to having the tags removed. The yarn will get caught as I snip away with my tiny nail scissors and then I’ve ruined another sweater.

So, I have to be smarter than the inanimate objects, not always an easy proposition. I have learned to use Band-aids. I especially like the cloth ones. I take a Band-aid and put it over the label and then have a nice soft place rubbing the back of my neck.

This works better with a tee shirt of blouse, as the Band-aid will stay in place through several washings. That doesn’t happen with sweaters and I have to get a fresh Band-aid each time.

Of course, there are times when I think I can tolerate the slight itchiness and get to work only to discover I can’t stop scratching. Therefore, I have Band-aids in my purse at all times. It isn’t like I think I’m going to cut myself, I have to protect me from the cheap labels.

Cheaper clothing manufacturers have gotten away from the sewn in label altogether. They simply stamp the inside back of the product with their logo. These are the tops that get to keep the logo always. It doesn’t itch, it gets to stay. If it itches too bad or the Band-aid won’t stay on, I will risk ruining the garment because I can’t wear it as it is and so what the heck.

The laundry labels are now conveniently sewn into the lower left side seam. That is an improvement, but … it is also bulky and looks awful when it shows through the material. I always cut those out. I wash and dry everything. If it can’t take being laundered, I might as well ruin it quickly and get past it. I’m not going to dry clean or hand wash stuff. I buy it so cheaply, why bother?