I don’t often stop somewhere on the way home from work. Really. At least that’s what I’ve always thought. It seems like I can go for weeks without making a pit stop.

Since I wanted to try walking after work, I need to actually get home after work and before nightfall, now arriving about mid-afternoon (okay that was an exaggeration, but it does seem to come early).

I managed to walk on Sunday afternoon and felt good about that. I stayed an hour late on Monday and still managed to walk. I felt really good about that. On Tuesday, I had two stops on my way home.

I got one of the Great Courses from the library on my last visit and I somehow picked up part 2 of 3 instead of part1. Well, that wasn’t going to work. So I stopped to see if part 1 was still available. I was planning on doing that Monday, but after an extra hour in the office, I talked myself out of stopping at the library. I have part 1 now.

My next stop was Ink To Go where they refill ink cartridges for printers. That’s really nice. Dick has been using them and it is much cheaper. And it is right on my way home. Lester gave me my own charge card and so, I stopped for the ink. I could pick it up on my way into work. I did that today and that worked out, as well.

So I made my two stops, threw the top back on the car and got myself home. I walked and took one of the longer routes besides. Then I took the dog out for a meander which is all the old thing can handle.


What a well-stocked Publix looks like. This is not my Publix, especially not today.


Today, I had to stop at the store. I guess I could have gone to the store at any point in time, but I pass Publix each and every day. On Wednesday, they have Old Coot Celebration day and give an extra 5% off to us old farts, hoping to keep us out of the store on the weekends when real people are shopping and we old farts just get in their rapid way.

The store is difficult to shop in because it is necessary for some odd reason for all the stock boys who are probably high school students and just getting in to work, to actually go about stocking the shelves. So it really isn’t odd, just inconvenient.

So the store is filled with old people who don’t move as fast as young people. And then there are some young people with small children who also don’t move as fast, at least in a purposeful direction. And the stock boys filling up the shelves and being teenagers and not realizing they can’t park the pallets in the middle of the aisles while they go about their business.

They had all but two registers open and each register had at least 3 people with carts full of crap waiting in line. It simply was not a rapid shopping trip.

However, on a positive note, I finally have bread.

But it was annoying and time consuming to go shopping. Since I’m trying to empty my freezer and my pantry, almost everything I purchased was refrigerated foods. I got butter (on sale) and yogurt. I got broccoli, grapes, and corn on the cob (all on sale) and bacon (on sale) which I’m cooking up tomorrow and then making some onions and pierogies.

By the time I struggled through the grocery store, got home (with the top down again), and got the groceries put away – I was completely uninterested in walking.

I’m feeling a little disappointed in myself. I really should go out there and make at least some attempt. Even if I only walk around the block and up to the pool and back. I might be able to talk myself into that much when I finish with this.

But, frankly, I done with the day. I’m not really looking forward to walking. I am looking forward to being thinner than I am. So, it’s gonna be a crapshoot on whether or not I can successfully talk myself into this.