I have always loved rearranging the furniture. I have a new look to my house without actually having to spend any money, so that’s a plus. It feels fresh and looks different, so that’s another plus.

Computer desk in the living room, taken from the chair as I sit here with the laptop in my lap.

It’s a lot of work, so that’s a negative. But since moving here and having mostly tiled floors with some laminate flooring and some actual vinyl flooring as well, it is much easier to move the furniture around, another positive.

Nothing is actually perfect even though we tend to hope so as we make each purchase. I really like my netbook, but it has some serious drawbacks. The screen is very small and some of my webpages don’t display properly. E-mail can be difficult to read for the same reason.

The biggest drawback is that many of my games won’t play on the netbook. I asked Shockwave why and they offered the helpful tip: “Netbooks are not powerful enough for many of our games.”

I think the real problem is that it has Windows 7 Starter on it. There are many things I can’t do because it doesn’t have a full version of Windows 7 – like add a picture to the desktop. I have no idea why that is, but it is what it is.

I can play match three games on the netbook. I can’t pay hidden object games and since these are often more of a puzzle type game, they are my preferred game type. I don’t like time management games and so don’t even try to download them on either computer. It is also why I hate Farmville etc. since they are simply time management games.

It is also harder to type on the smaller computer. It is more difficult because of the keyboard and because of the size of the screen. Really, I was missing my big laptop. But I can’t sit here with my laptop in my lap all the time. What did I really want my house to look like?

Well, I want the laptop close to me, but I also want the netbook easy to access. I have to have the DVD player near as well. I figured I could just move the laptop into the living room with me and then I thought some more.

The living room is really “my” territory. Dick has the man room with his own TV, game system, computer, and comfortable furniture. It is also much nicer temperature wise than the room I have for my office.

When I recently moved my computer from the sitting area of the bedroom and back into my office, we bought a really pretty piece of furniture for me. It has been languishing in my office because most evenings I’m sitting in the living room and crocheting and then picking up the netbook for a quick check of the outside world and then maybe playing some games. I hadn’t touched the big computer since Monday and this was silly on many different levels.

So I moved the beautiful piece of furniture into the living room. It looks okay, but I’m not sure I like the way it really looks in here now. It seems a bit crowded. What I really want is to move the TV out of the living room and put my computer desk where that was.

I’m pretty good at moving furniture around on my own, but I hate unhooking and rehooking up the TV stuff. I’m pretty sure it will all work if I plug the cable box into any cable outlet and there is one in my old office. I could put the TV, cable box, and Wii in there and have my desk here where I want it. But I need help moving that much and Dick is out playing golf.

I’m going to have to use my persuasive powers to convince him this will work and get him to help me. I don’t know if it really will work because the TV sits on a corner cabinet and there are no corners in the office. There is a rounded three walled bay window making two corners disappear. Then there is the closet in the third corner and the door in the fourth. But I think I can make it work. It is worth a try.

If I can only convince someone else of this, I will be set.