I write for an online magazine, an e-zine called Really Good Quotes. Since I like quotes, I was intrigued by the name many years ago and signed up to be a reader. By then, the work had been taken over by some guy named Bruce.

Our e-zine's banner

Bruce put out an issue daily Monday through Friday, weekends off. He wrote a lead article, added some quotes, a joke, a picture, and reader comments were at the end. Eventually he invited other people to contribute to the overall effort.

I don’t really remember the time line, but Faithy sent in links to various interesting website along with some commentary regarding the sites. Tim wrote a humorous tale or offered really useful technology advice. Tim was a geek working at a university in upstate New York. Eventually Sied (Fred Siedendorf) became the Bad Sied (pronounced seed) and wrote articles concerning science and inventions and all sorts of fun things.

Bruce spent lots of time on the e-zine and eventually needed to cut back some. He began writing only three issues per week, instead of five. He also developed an energy system, called The Marshall Hydrothermal System, got it patented, and was going to work on marketing the venture. He needed someone to take over the writing of the lead.

At first no one offered to step up and take over. Then two people did. Mike offered during the same time that I did. Bruce asked us to submit writing and we both did. Bruce liked both. He then asked the readers to vote and Mike and I got essentially the same number of votes. Bruce couldn’t decide what to do.

I made it easier for him. I withdrew my offer. Frankly, it was a brilliant stroke on my part. I would never have been able to do what Mike has done in the intervening years. By backing away from writing the lead, I gave myself permission to ask for a different job. I began writing what has become my Little Bits of History but at RGQ it was called Patti’s Parenthetical Past.

Nothing remains the same and everything changes. Faithy had to quit writing. There was Kelly doing something for a while and I can’t remember what it was, but she needed to quit, too. Kirsten offered to write pieces based on medical issues.

Eventually Bruce could not market his energy system and write for the e-zine. I was asked if I still wanted to write the lead. Bruce had been writing some and Mike writing some, instead Mike would write two pieces per week and I would write one. I said I would but only if I no longer wrote the history piece. I felt odd having my stuff in two different places.

Sied was diagnosed with cancer and died soon after. Tim, too, was stricken with the same disease and died.

Instead of me writing, Cliff took over in my spot. He writes more nature based work. After Tim died, Lucille began to write in his spot. She is a lawyer who writes with a humorous bent, just as Tim did.

All in all, we have managed to keep the e-zine alive for about a decade. The writers have changed or changed places, but we keep putting out three issues per week. There is lots of work behind the scenes as well and those jobs have shifted over time. I used to do quite a bit more of the background work, now I don’t.

We had a surprise at RGQ this week. Bruce has returned to writing. This probably means his energy system is not taking up as much of his time and I’m very sorry about that. It is a beautiful system creating dense energy without those annoying pollutants. Byproducts of the energy process is fresh water, another very useful product.

But as of this week, Bruce will write the lead article on Mondays, I will write on Wednesdays, and Mike will write on Fridays. This seems like a wonderful plan. I’m sure Mike is getting tired (I know I have had a few spells of tiredness and I don’t do as much) and the readers will now have three different perspectives instead of just two.

I’m so happy Bruce is back. I wish there was some way to have Sied and Tim return to the fold. I miss them.