I am sitting at my big computer today. It feels really good to have a full sized keyboard in front of my. It is odd, but somehow still nice.

Speaking of odd.


Trick or treaters at a scary house. Not my house.


Last night at 7:55 PM or thereabouts, the doorbell rang. I was listening to A Brief History of the World and so I had to hit pause. I was also crocheting, so I had to carefully lay my work aside. I went to the door.

Flip Wilson had a whole small skit about this: “There was a knock at the door. Herman (the main character of his overall story) went to the door. There was a knock. I’m going to stop telling you people there was a knock. Instead, I’ll just say ‘Herman went to the door.’ Then you can say, ‘Must have been a knock.’”

I answered the door and there were three kids dressed up for Halloween. I looked at them incredulously and said in my most honest and confused voice, “Is Trick or Treat tonight?” I asked this because I really needed to know.

I had not had my light on, but I have lots and lots of candy here I don’t personally need. I would like to pass it out to the wandering children because a) I’m already known as the mean lady who won’t let them terrorize my yard each school day morning and this may get me some brownie points and b) I need to get this temptation out of my house.

If I had missed Trick or Treat, these nearly 200 “mini” candy bars were going to haunt me for quite a long time. Even as miniature as they are, there are at least 472,957,186 calories in those two large bowls of chocolates. (The above calorie count is an estimation only.)

I have been trying to figure out exactly when the little ghosts and goblins will be out and about. I no longer have small kids and so I don’t really have an inside track on this information. My HOA no longer hosts a message board because we were mean to the people who were unresponsive and overbearing. So they took that down and now I have no place to ask when local trick or treating times are to be held.

While out on a bike ride of Friday, I asked a mother who was waiting for the bus to drop off her child. She did know that trick or treat was to be on Sunday here, but it was Saturday somewhere else. That was what she thought anyway. Did she know what time they kids were to be going door to door? No, she did not.

Then I saw one of the bestest screamer kids from my driveway bus stop ordeal. In case you are worried about this, she now has the cast off and is only wearing a splint, but only to school. When running around the neighborhood like a maniac, she does not seem to need the splint. Only at school where sitting at a desk might cause injury.

So I asked Screamer Girl and she did know that Trick or Treat was on Sunday. She did not know what time.

So what were three kids doing at my door at almost eight o’clock at night on Saturday? I asked them if it was Trick or Treat night and the biggest of the kids said, “No, we just wanted to go out tonight.”

The candy was there, I grabbed three pieces and put one in each bag. Their bags were fairly full.

Does everyone have their treats out and waiting at least a day in advance? Apparently lots of people do or they were willing to open bags of candy for these kids. It will be pretty interesting to see if they also feel like going out tonight at some amorphous time to get another round of treats.

This seems a rather inventive way to deal with the whole limited intake system of the festivities. Go out twice in the same neighborhood. We used to have people drive in from areas where they held Beggars’ Night on a different day. The kids would canvass their own area on the festival day and then come to our neighborhood on the day we held festivities. But just going to the same place on the unappointed day seems quite inventive.

Thinking outside the box.