It stormed last night. It rained and poured and I was waiting and hoping for the small flutophonist from the back yard to play his or her recorder as appropriate to the weather. I know I’ve heard the kid playing that song often enough and it seemed like an opportune moment.

There was thunder and lightning and eventually the entire house flickered in the storm. Then the router went out. That was less than completely fun, but it was easily reset and we were back online. For five minutes tops. We opted to not run up and down the stairs, resetting the router with each flicker and just decided to not have Internet for the rest of the evening.

Amazingly enough, nothing untoward happened when I did not check my e-mail or my Facebook account just before retiring for the night. I lived through the evening without Fark, too.

The rain had mostly stopped before I went to bed and I left the windows partially open for the evening. However, I woke up a couple times because the room wasn’t quite as cool as it had been.

I was up at 5 AM and heard Dick wandering about the house. I eventually fell back to sleep; he didn’t. He had something of importance to e-mail today and was worried we might lose our Internet connection for real. So he made sure it was sent out bright and early this morning.

My alarm clock woke me, but it didn’t seem so bad. It was almost seven and a decent hour to be awake. I got dressed and was heading out the door. I peeked out on the lanai where it looked like the thermometer was hovering near 70. I don’t wear my contacts first thing in the morning. So I wasn’t sure I was really seeing that right.

I did not wear my jacket. The day before I had to tie it around my waist as I got too hot and then rolled up my sleeves besides. Today, I left the jacket at home and still had to roll up my sleeves. I checked after I got home and it was, in fact, 70 degrees out there. And it was humid with fog – low lying clouds hovering about.

It was a good thing I didn’t try to walk in the dark today. With all the rain we had last night, there were puddles sitting here and there. I would not have been able to see them in the dark and I would have been tromping in the wet with my still new shoes. That might have ticked me off. I was already a bit disgruntled that it had stopped raining and I was out there walking. Wrecking my shoes would have been too much.

The best part of my walk was a delightful surprise. With all the rain we got last night, there was a bit of a waterfall or rapids effect in the usual standing water. I live in a part of the country called the Lowlands. This is because we aren’t much above sea level. There is a marshy quality to much of the area and specialized plants grow here. It is beautiful, but it must have been hellish while fighting either the Civil War or the Revolutionary War.

But today, I was on higher ground, walking on the sidewalk and listening to what in Ohio would be called a babbling brook. It was delightful.

Jumping frong

Of course, there was a bit of a down side as well. I walked past at my usual rapid clip (I averaged 3.947 mph today) and scared a frog who jumped into what was now deep water and making a large splash. I guess I scared the frog and the noise in the stillness of the morning sure scared me.

All in all, it was a great day for a morning walk.