I have been working for a little over a year now. Well, at this job. When I was being interviewed, I mentioned I had a plane ticket to go to Arizona in a week or so and I was going to go. This worked well with plans at the office. I went, had a great time, and by the time I came back the FBI had cleared me as a safe person to have working in the office.


The week


My life back then was set into a routine. Every other, or maybe every third Wednesday, I had a massage scheduled with Claire. At the time, she was working close by. She and another woman shared some space associated with a health food store. Rooms in the back were available and they set up their massage venue.

Because getting a massage makes my hair unmanageable until after it is washed, I didn’t want to leave the massage and go directly to work, although it could have happened. Since my schedule was set for four five-hour days, it made sense at the time to take Wednesdays off. I did. I worked two days, had a day off, worked two days, and then the weekend.

That was nice for a long time. Then Claire and her partner had a falling out and Claire said she would come to the house on Saturdays and Dick and I could both get massages, one following the other.

I really had no need to change the Wednesday off thing and so I didn’t. But Dick and I have been talking about me rearranging my work week to have four days in a row and three day weekends every week. It sounded really nice. So did the previous schedule.

I broached the subject last week while the boss and I spent so many hours in the car together. She said she didn’t mind. I knew the other boss wasn’t going to mind because he also takes a three day weekend every week, not working on Friday himself.

So I mentioned it again yesterday and everyone seemed okay with it. So I’m going to go to work today. Then one more day and I will have a three day weekend. I think I will like this as much as I liked the other choice. It is nice to have an extra day off.

There may come a time when I need to increase the number of hours I work, but I don’t think that will be any time soon. I still have time in my day to clean up files that have been accumulating detritus for the last decade. I’m getting the files to look better and yet I still have lots to do on that front. I’m fairly certain I can keep up with the work load as it stands right now. I’ve been doing okay so far.

My big plan for today is the grocery shopping. Publix gives a 5% discount to old people who shop on Wednesday. I’m old. I’ve been shopping on Wednesday. But I do have to make a special trip to do so. I drive past the Publix every single day on my way back and forth to work. Today, on the way home, I will stop and do some shopping. I don’t need much, but this is the day to get what I do need.

The biggest issue with this plan was/is my shoes. Yesterday, by the time I got home from work, my feet were aching. I had been wearing high heels yesterday. They usually don’t pinch me and I’ve worn them several times before without a problem. But yesterday, the shoes hurt. Today, I planned my entire outfit around a pair of comfortable flats. After work, I’m grocery shopping.