I hate when people “help” me by breaking stuff that worked. I absolutely despise the Office 2007 concept of “ribbons” taking up all the valuable real estate on my screen and making it like a freaking Easter egg hunt when I try to find things I knew how to work for the last fifteen years.

I tried looking at PowerPoint and just decided that until I absolutely HAVE to relearn that whole mess, it can rot in hell. I can make Excel and Word sorta work. I used to be able to make them both sing, but Microsoft fixed it for me so all the things I knew how to do were no longer working the way I knew how to make them work. Instead they have pictures and more pictures and even more pictures of fancy formatting presets available since apparently business people use these. I have never once used them while at work. I haven’t used them while at home, either.

I hate the ribbons. Most people apparently did. One of the first things Microsoft said was that there was no way to convert to a “classic” look. As we learned from Coke, “classic” means something that was working, was desirable, and is preferable to the new and improved shit you are now trying to pawn off on us. Coke was more responsive than Microsoft and gave us Coke Classic. Microsoft just made their program crappy and increased the price.

I’m getting better at finding all the stuff I wanted and is now hidden, but I can’t say anything really nice about the redesign. It sucks. It isn’t helpful, I can’t find anything much still. I still have to go on regular hunts to find things where I knew exactly where to find them before. I’ve decided I would rather eat worms than try to figure out what caves the designers came from and how out of touch they were with the world at large.

But I guess I’m getting used to it. Some of the features were, in fact, improvements. Other than not being able to find anything and make any changes I want to make and actually using the presentation thing, other than all that, it is okay.

I hate change.

I fixed my problem

Chrome, what used to be my browser of choice, changed. They upgraded and apparently I have an automatic upgrade thing. So my browser upgraded and now I’m using Firefox.

Some asshat at Google thought I would like to have shit all over my screen each and every time I open a new tab. Google thought I was so stupid, I didn’t know how to make a link on my toolbar, allowing me to simply click and get to the places I go all the time. They thought I was incompetent to decide how to make a program work for me.

Instead, some cave dweller, unaware that some people like pristine (not to mention that some people visit sites they may not want to advertise) decided I simply HAD to have little icons of all my Most visited sites. Eight of them will magically appear each and every damn time I open a new tab.

When I want to go to Facebook, I click the Facebook link on my toolbar, move it to the tab and it opens. I don’t need to open the tab and click on Facebook, I can do that myself. When I want a new tab to type in some Google search or some URL of my own, I don’t need to see that I go to Facebook all the time. I already know that and have a system for going there.

When all I want is a tab so I can go to my list of bookmarks and get to say, the weather, which I don’t check constantly, I don’t need to see eight pictures of where I go frequently.

And I don’t needs the links of where I have recently been underneath that.

There was a feature in the last version of Chrome that let me select icons, links, or nothing. Obviously, I had selected nothing.

When they upgraded Chrome, they took these three options away. Instead they decided every single solitary damn time a new tab was opened, I would get eight pictures. I can then, quite helpfully, click a little arrow that gives me eight links instead and then click over to the bookmarks and get where I want to go. I have no idea what that’s for. It doesn’t change it to always just display links, it is only temporary, so why even have it? It makes no sense.

But there is no way I can find to make it hide completely.

Well, there was one way. I told Firefox it could be my preferred browser. I don’t have problems with my scroll mouse not working there anymore, which was why I switched to Chrome in the first place.

I sure wish people would stop helping me.