I woke up about six this morning and it was raining. Ugh. I rolled over and snoozed a bit. Then I really woke up about seven this morning. It was not raining.

I got out of bed and quickly donned my walking outfit, a sartorial delight if I say so myself. It consists of baby blue stretchy pants with a man’s extra, extra large white short-sleeve undershirt. I complete the ensemble with cross trainers I purchased when I was still working as a nurse. I haven’t worked as a nurse for about 15 years now. I do wear some little socks to keep the shoes from rubbing.

I also have my heart monitor which means I have this huge clunky watch-type device to give me heart rate, time spent, and time of day depending on which mode I have displayed. I mostly display the heart rate and only check the time spent to see how many more cul-de-sacs I could walk around.

I found some black ear buds which look much better than the florescent green ones I had been using. I stick my MP3 player in my pocket, one ear bud in my ear (I do need to listen for traffic) and start up the watch/heart monitor. I have a red and blue small water bottle in my right hand and look divine as I leave the house each morning.

I did check the weather by looking out the back of the house. There is a thermometer in the lanai and it said the temps were in the 70s and so I felt I was dressed appropriately. I took the path closest to my house and with the most cul-de-sacs included. If it began to thunderstorm, I would be able to hurry home as quickly as possible, skipping extra steps.

I made it home before it rained even though I traveled all the cul-de-sacs both on the way out and on the way back home.

The next project for the day was going to the grocery store. It has sprinkled on and off this morning. We have a 100% chance of rain today. It has rained. But miraculously, it was not raining when I got to the store. The stockboy who helped me to the car with my groceries said it had been raining while I was shopping and there was water on my car. But it was not raining as I left the store. It did rain on me while I drove home.

I have one more task for the day. I have to take LC, our dog, to the vet. I’m sure it is going to cost me hundreds of dollars to get her taken care of. She needs a rabies shot and this is the year for the blood test for heartworm pills. Then I need to buy the heartworm pills. And she needs more ear medicine since we are low. And she needs her nails trimmed. I’m guessing right around $300 for a doctor visit, more than I would pay for myself to go to the doctor’s office. Not sure what that really means.

I will ask, once again, why they don’t have three-year rabies shots and he will tell me some story about tracking because it is probably really bad business to say, “If I have you do this every year, I make more money.” He tried to tell me that South Carolina didn’t do three-year rabies shots, but the people at PetSmart disagree with him. The one here in South Carolina. But, I really do like this vet and just do this yearly dance of the three-year vs. one-year shot. It makes me feel better as I know I’m over paying for vet care.

The car, with the top down, in the garage on a sunny day

This will be LC’s first ride in the Miata. She had difficulty getting into the Ion and has to be lifted into the HHR. But this little toy car is nice and low to the ground. She should be able to get in without too much trouble. Not sure how this is going to work, however, as she usually sits in the back seat. The Miata has no back seat. And I really do need to shift through the gears.

Dick was worried, of course, about dog hair and the upholstery. I’m more worried about it raining and getting mud and dirt all over. Either way, I will be covering the seat with a towel and hope for the best. I was fairly certain I could not drive with the top down with the dog in the car, but with the current weather conditions, I can’t put the top down anyway. So we averted that hurdle.

All in all, it is just a crappy day out there. Hopefully, I can make one more trip outside and not get drenched.