I have too much stuff. I don’t have so much stuff there is no room to walk in my house. I’m not a hoarder who has saved every scrap of paper brought into the house for the last 37 years. That’s not what I have too much of.

What I have is too much extraneous crap, but not so much I can’t hide most of it away. I have purchased crossword puzzle books in lots from Penny Press – several different lots of several different types of puzzle books. So I have too many of them. Probably somewhere over fifty but under a hundred. So let’s say seventy-five.

I have candles. Lots and lots of candles. I have eight or nine large jar candles because they were on sale. Unless, of course, I go and count them and find I have more. And then I have votive candles by the drawer full and of course, there are tea lights.

I need the tea lights because I also have the perfumed up wax stuff that goes in the top of ceramic holder while the tea light under it melts the wax and releases the scent. I have twenty or so two-per-pack scented wax things. And then I have about ten six-per-pack scented wax things. So I need about a hundred tea lights at least.

I have incense. I have nineteen cardboard packs of incense sticks here on my desk. Some are completely full and some are partially used. They originally held twenty sticks each so we know I have less than four hundred sticks of incense here.

But we don’t know how many incense sticks are still in a small drawer in a little plastic container. They came in packs of sixty and I had about ten of them. They are partially used so there are less than six hundred. So I have somewhere between eight hundred and a thousand incense sticks here.

I was at Wal-Mart and just walked past a basket of highly reduced incense. They had a price tag of $9.00 unless that really was a one before the nine and they were $19.00 – which seems absurd. But they were marked down to 75¢ and so I bought seven of them. Each pack had three scents and who couldn’t use another one hundred and forty sticks of incense?

So I probably have very close to a thousand sticks of incense in the house. Even if I burned three sticks every single day (and I don’t) I have a year’s supply. What was I thinking?

Basket full of incense sticks.

My basket on my computer desk and the vase on the kitchen counter both look decorative and the rest of the sticks are stuck away. So, I tell myself, it’s okay.

But it really isn’t. I purchased very expensive scented candles at those very expensive candle parties. They were my “good” candles and so I saved them. I saved them long enough for the scent to completely disappear so they are pretty much a waste of money. I feel bad about that, but can’t seem to stop myself from buying more. At least the scented wax stuff comes in a sealed package and the scent stays put until I open it up.

I have no idea why I do this stuff, and I wish I would stop. I do not need to buy another candle, another scented wax melt, another stick of incense – and yet, if I see a really good sale, I probably will. I need more self control.

But my house does always smell good.