There is a lot of excitement in the office today. Last Friday, we lost our air conditioning here. (Yes, I’m at work.) It was a bit warm on Friday, but not unbearable, at least I didn’t find it to be so. My boss was quite warm during her time here. She came back later, after I had gone home, and found it even hotter.

She also came in during the weekend and found the air not working still. She turned the temperature down to 50 and the air didn’t want to come on, which is really bad. She sent me emails during the weekend letting me know Monday was going to be warm at work.

The heating and air conditioning man was scheduled to come and lo and behold he was to be here at 10 and he was. He opened up the ceiling and declared the A/C broken. The coils were frozen and wrapped in ice. The first thing to do was thaw the ice. This could be done slowly or quickly. The slow way was to just let it thaw because the machine was turned off and not making more ice and the ambient temperature was below freezing.

The quick way was to turn on the heat and get it to melt faster. We opted for the quick way to get the pain done quickly. The heating units had dust on them and were a bit stinky and smelled slightly burned. But it did thaw out quickly and it was possible to figure out what the basic problem was.

What was wrong was there was a large leak with the Freon. New Freon was added and the A/C would work for the next few days, but it was imperative a new unit be installed. This was not going to be easy. They were going to need to get a crane to put one of the pieces up on the roof of the two-story building. Then worker bees needed to be inside our office to put in the part that needed to get into the attic space over our office.

Not sure if this is the brand, but this looks a lot like what I saw today.

Today is the day to put the new A/C in. I have no idea when the part got up on the roof. The worker bees have been in here working in the ceiling and making a general mess here in the office. There is stuff all over the floor, including a whole bunch of water and lots of rust flakes.

The other thing that happened since the beginning of this week was we started having uninvited guests here in the office. Usually we like having new faces show up. But these faces were attached to wasp bodies. They are not really welcome here in the office. So, we also called the landlord and requested they send over a bug guy.

So we had the bug guy up on the A/C guys’ ladder peering into the ceiling to see if there was a wasp nest up there. We don’t really know where the wasps are coming from, but they can’t stay.

The A/C unit is quite huge and is sitting in the lobby. There is a ladder in the boss’s office. There are no people here except for me. I’m here alone. The A/C guys and the bug guy have decamped for lunch maybe. The boss is out to lunch. And I’m here without having wasps flying around. I’m very grateful for that, too.


I got this written at work, but I have no way to connect to the internet there, so I had to wait to get home to post it. Still a lot of excitement. In fact, the new A/C unit is not fully installed. I was going to stay late today, until it was finished, and then be off tomorrow. But it was too hot in the attic, so instead I’m going in to work tomorrow at 8.30 and should be home by 11 (or maybe even a bit earlier). This will be a really long weekend for me.