I have a low tolerance for repetition and so don’t do well in a variety of situations. It is why I hated the elliptical so much. Same boring thing day after day. It is also the problem with the Wii Fit. I need something different.

This has been the best part of walking. I am taking different paths and seeing different things. I still have places in my own neighborhood where I have never walked. I have places I walked before I had my camera with me and so I still have new places to take pictures. And I imagine as the seasons change, I might see some different things to photograph, as well.

The water hazard in question, calm and relaxing.

But I’ve walked many of the paths here and so I thought it would be fun to walk on the golf course. I live in a community built around a 27 hole golf course. The course itself is owned and managed by the city. However, I don’t think I’m supposed to be out there without paying.

While Dick has a membership, it is not a family thing, but strictly for his own use. I’m not included. However, at 6.30-7.00 or so, there aren’t any other people on the course. I think their first tee time is for 7.30 and I’m done walking by then.

Dick has enjoyed playing there since we moved in. He has told me about seeing deer and wild turkey on the course. He has also seen alligators. Usually not huge ones. One day he was watching some wild turkey when all of a sudden all he saw was feathers flying and a newly fed gator. They are carnivores. It is their habitat.

I know this as I walk. I am especially careful near water hazards since this is where the alligators live. I believe they are removed from the area if they reach five feet in length. I think. Maybe. Not really sure. But I hope so.

Knowing gators are around, and knowing I’m actually the carni part of a gator’s dining experience, I keep a close lookout for gators. I don’t know if I would frighten them off, but they would scare the living crap out of me if I came across one up close and personal.

So with each bend in the path, I slow down and make sure there are no gators in the upcoming area. And with each water hazard, I look closely along the edges and make sure there aren’t any scary bumps in the water itself. I’m on the lookout.

The woods here were quite dense before humans entered and built all this stuff up. I may scan the woods, but I can’t really see all that much. When looking toward the woods, what I hope to see is a deer or two or three, maybe.

This is also called The Lowlands. That is because we aren’t that far above sea level and there is often lots of water around. After it has rained, the trees are actually standing in a shallow lake and it takes some time for the water to drain – again because we are so close to sea level. So there is lots of marshy swampy type of land here. This means there is some beautiful flora, as well.

So, I’m walking along thinking I’m going to get to the black tee for the current hole. I’m looking closely at the water hazard across the way to my left. In fact, it is quite beautiful with a stand of trees behind it. You can see for yourself, the picture included is the water hazard in question.

I’m looking over there when all of a sudden, on my right (or possibly at my back) I hear Splash, splash, splash. I can guarantee there were three separate splashes.

All I could think of was GATOR. I spun around so fast I might have looked like one of those cartoon things where there is a shadow of what happened before. I took off, not running, but walking at my fastest pace. I was moving away from the splash.

After I calmed a bit, I began to think more clearly. I don’t think a gator would have made the splash sound. That wouldn’t help a predator sneak up on prey. Not that I like to think of myself as prey, but in the food chain …

So perhaps this was my chance to see a deer. It might have been a deer. I hope it was a deer. I didn’t get any closer to see if it was a deer because for the love of God, it might have been a gator.

Sitting here in my nice, safe house – it was probably a deer. I hope.

I think I’m taking a different path tomorrow.