Last weekend I bought several yards of different colored fabric so I could make myself some plain colored skirts in something other than black. I have actually found plain colors in navy blue, gray, and brown but I want some different colors. It hasn’t been easy.

So I decided I was just going to have to make my own.

I got pale purple, pink, pale green, denim, brown, and buttery butterscotch along with two different patterns and eight styles of skirts. I was appalled at what size pattern I’m having to cut out. I realize the clothing business changed the sizes for us all so we wouldn’t notice we were getting fatter. Pattern manufacturers didn’t change a thing.

Sizes are guides but what you really need to do is look at the inches in the measurement portion. So, the latest clothes I purchased were a size eight. But the patterns I’m sewing will be size 14. Just yuck.

I asked Dick to bring the sewing machine downstairs for me because it is heavy and clunky. It is also very old. I bought it used when Joe was little, or maybe even when Craig was that little. It is at least 30 years old, probably older.

Did I mention heavy? Takes two hands for me to lift it. It has a flat sewing base. It does sew zigzag stitches and has a setting for sewing knits.

On Wednesday, I finally got around to using the fabric and was ready to sew. I went upstairs and looked for my sewing basket because there are electric scissors in there. I couldn’t find it. I’m not even quite sure of what I’m looking for. I had this round red and white sewing basket since I got the sewing machine, but I believe I may have replaced that, but I don’t know with what.

I could live without the electric scissors, but I really, really needed the zipper foot. And the attachments are in the sewing basket, too. Dick was nice enough to go into the hot attic and see if the sewing basket was in with the Christmas decorations. It wasn’t. I’m unsure where else to look for the dang thing.

But more than that, I would really like a lighter weight machine. One with a removable portion of the sewing surface so I can sew small things and sleeves easier. One that isn’t over three decades old.

Because who doesn't have two machines? Can you guess which is the old and which is the new?

So, on Thursday after work, I stopped as Sears and picked one up. Next issue, would it fit in the trunk of a Miata? Yes, it would. It is light enough to pick up with one hand. It doesn’t have a whole lot of fancy stitches because I don’t need or want that. It theoretically makes buttonholes without my having to swear at it. The removable arm opens to store the other parts of the machine so I can’t lose them again.

It is also supposed to thread itself which is really great because with my poor eyesight, I have a terrible time trying to thread a needle.

My plan is finish off this, and then go and learn how to use my new sewing machine. I have the purple skirt cut out and ready to begin (because if it is the wrong size, this is the one I care the least about having). I hope it works and I can actually wear the skirt. If so, I also found some older material upstairs while I was looking for the sewing basket. The last thing I made for myself, I made by the size and it didn’t fit at all and so I got mad and stopped even worrying about it.

But I have some really cute material and if I don’t want to sew for me, maybe I can make Frankie and Morgan matching skirts or something. I might even be able to make matching skirts for a girl and her doll. That might be a fun Christmas present. I suppose I could do so many things. All I really need to do is get offline and get busy.

But I still want to find the electric scissors.