This piece is going to be very much lacking in research. I’m going to mention an article I read on, but it is from one of my respected sources. I did not, however, be a good girl and click on any referencing links. I’m just going to spout my opinion regarding the small thing I read.

Here goes. (If you don’t like my opinion, feel free to form your own.)

Some airlines are thinking of having a children section where parents with children will be given their own place to sit all together, leaving the rest of the plane a non-children section. They asked flyers what they thought about this.

Who should sit where?

All the old farts, like me, liked the idea, like me. I would love to have all the children in one place and me as far away from wherever that place is as is possible. Adults without children were totally thrilled with this idea.

Adults with children but not traveling with them were mixed. They were less enthusiastic in their agreement with the idea.

Adults flying with children were the least likely to like it. In fact, if it had been a poll on Facebook, they would have been looking for the [dislike] button.

People with screaming brats didn’t want to sit near others with screaming brats because one screaming brat might make the other screaming brat scream along in sympathy or concert or something.

What? You have a screamer – and if you don’t, your kid isn’t going to just start screaming because someone else is screaming – and so you don’t want to have to listen to it?

I have no idea what the ages for the children section would be but I have a perfect test ground for children unable to sit still, be still, not scream, not run, and behave in a more adult, less childish manner.

Yes, the bus stop in my drive way would make a great scientific study. The high school kids wait nearly silent, partly due to the early hour of the bus pick up, but even if they are engaged in activity, the most they do is stand and talk to each other.

The junior high kids always talk to each other, a bit more animatedly. They are the latest group to be picked up and are more awake. But they simply stand in a group and talk.

The grade school kids, kindergarten through fifth grade, never stand still. They run. They scream. They  squeal. They chase. They were slamming into my garage door today as they ran up the driveway and the two parents there did nothing. When I looked with my frowny face – aka ‘mean mother face’ – the father said, “It’s like herding cats.”

Well, I don’t want to sit next to a squalling, caged, hissing cat on a plane, either.

It doesn’t matter what the mix of kids are at my bus stop. The above pattern has always held true. So it isn’t that I have one hyper kid in the grade school group that is setting all the others off. What I have is kids who love to run and chase and play. They can’t do it at home because of the dreaded fear of ‘something happening’ so they are kept indoors playing video games after school. There has to be an outlet for all this energy and I guess it is better in my driveway rather than in their respective classrooms. I think the teachers should send me a thank you note.

But back to the plane. If you have a well behaved child and are ‘trapped’ in the child section hell, perhaps you can give some parenting tips to the parent of the person who is totally out of control.

If there is a child kicking the seat back behind you, maybe you will be more tolerant and less likely to turn around and either slap the kid or his/her parent. Or both.

If your child is the out of control person, you will be surrounded by what is apparently a more tolerant group, but I rather doubt that. If you have an out of control child, you and your child are being a bother to the rest of the plane.

Most passengers will understand an infant’s cries. They might not understand why in the hell you had to bring an infant on a plane, but they understand the baby isn’t either in control or controllable.

If you have a toddler who is acting up, we all know this is a gray area. However, it is up to you as the person bringing the kid on board, to bring enough snacks, drinks, and entertainment to keep the kid from being both a pest and an actual danger to the rest of the passengers.

If you have a child with special needs, please be aware that the rest of the plane (and the rest of the world) is sympathetic, but we are not responsible. If your child with special needs is going to grow up in the current world, you and your child need to learn the best way for him/her to cope with the world. The world was here first and isn’t likely to change. Learning to be in the world is the task for every child, special needs or not. If your child is unable to cope with a contained space for fifteen minutes, then it is up to you as the parent to figure out something to do other than punish the rest of the plane. We had no choice as to who was on the plane, but you have a choice as to whether or not to torture your child in this manner.

Perhaps rather than have a children only space, they should have a senior citizen space. You have to be a certain age to sit there. You can’t be there unless you are an old curmudgeonly person. That would keep the kids out, but make it look only like we were keeping the crabby people in. Language is everything.