The people living here are pretty much the people roaming the streets here. It isn’t an easy place to get to, so you don’t just wander in and wander around. If you are here, you either live here or are visiting someone who does.

This means our living space is our creation.

Why do the sidewalks look like they do? In South Carolina there is this creeping grass stuff that sends out tendrils and this crosses the pavement and overruns the sidewalks. It is supposed to be trimmed and sidewalks are to be edged. It makes sense to edge around pavement and keep the grass off the cement. It looks better, gives more room on the pavement, and actually helps preserve the cement.

Someone else's sidewalk

Many people live busy lives around here. They mow their lawn without a grass catcher thing because recycling that stuff is a royal pain. So the clippings are scattered. Some people clean that up after mowing. Some people don’t. It looks better when they do. I passed one house where the lawn mower person cleaned the driveway off beautifully, but left the sidewalk totally covered. Interesting.

But this isn’t the stuff that I’m talking about. I’m talking about the litter along the sidewalks. We live here. There isn’t that much distance to cover. Can’t you take your garbage home with you?

There are signs posted to remind people to clean up after their pets. I don’t even understand dogs who poop on the sidewalk. What is that all about? Why not poop on the grass like the rest of the dogs? Can dogs have an individuality streak? But if your dog does poop on the sidewalk, that’s when you should really pick it up. That’s where we are more likely to step in it. I know it will leave a bit of residual poop, but that’s better than a mound.

Then there are drink boxes and candy wrappers. These are mostly around the pool area, but they are also scattered every now and then along the rest of the sidewalks. Now that school has started, they can also be seen at bus stops.

Speaking of bus stops: kids are riding bikes or scooters to the bus stops because it is really just too difficult to walk that distance. And then they abandon their toys until school is over. Thank goodness no one has taken to that behavior at this bus stop, or their toy would be missing when they got off the bus. This is not a drop off point. Nor is any other bus stop.

But what really got me going on this topic is a used condom. There it sat in the middle of the sidewalk. The woods were about four feet distant from the edge of the sidewalk. I would assume the user of the condom was not actually perched atop the hard cement, but had used the softer and more secluded, shaded ground of either the lawn or the woods themselves.

So why leave this here on the sidewalk? I can only surmise it was some teenager’s way of proclaiming he had gotten lucky. To me, I thought to myself … hmmm, that doesn’t seem to be unrolled all that far. Snicker.

There were two used tissues rather close to the used condom. I did kick the condom off the sidewalk because I was tired of walking over it. The tissues were at the edge of the sidewalk, more on the grass. Since it rained again last night, they were going to be icky on my shoes, as well. So I left them alone.

It is really quite amazing to be so involved in my morning excursions. This is stuff I would probably miss, or at least not really thing about, if I was listening to music or to a book downloaded to the MP3 player. So, I walk and observe. And it makes me think.