Stupidity seems to be out in full force. There is more than enough and I’m pretty sure we can stop manufacturing more of it for many years to come. We have, in fact, an over abundance of it.


I live in a beautiful neighborhood governed by lunatics because we have a Homeowners Association. The HOA is supposed to be here to help us keep property values up and to take the burden of governing off the government. I think that is how these things get started.

People want certain services, such as play grounds and swimming pools. They can either be provided by the government or by a group effort. Since the government is busy trying to ignore illegal aliens and catch speeders at all costs, there isn’t enough government around to supply for the common good.

Most building I’ve seen is going on is in planned communities. All these planned communities have HOAs to provide for the common good. What has happened, however, is that they also provide ill will and stupid (and I mean very stupid edging toward idiotic and moronic) rules. And they also provide a lot of animosity and fighting between factions within the neighborhoods.

I’ve heard many people proclaim with the authority of ignorance, “I will never live in an area with an HOA.” Well, I guess you aren’t planning on moving any time soon or you want a house that is about 35 years old or older. Or you can afford housing that is beyond what I’m willing to pay. But once you get in that gated community, I assure you, there is an HOA involved and probably even one dumber than the ones I’ve dealt with.

But that is just one instance of stupid.

Am I stupid?

Someone was writing about watching semi-truckers texting while driving. Now, it is bad enough to do this when you are operating a 5000 pound car. But a truck? One was a tanker with the FLAMMABLE symbols all over it. And the driver is not paying attention to the road! Really. This may add a bit of chlorine to the gene pool when he/she crashed the truck and dies in the ensuing explosion, but how many others are going to be taken out in the process as well. Texting while driving has to be the dumbest thing I have ever heard of.

I’m against the whole cell phone talking while driving – there really is nothing that important you have to say. It is more important to care for all the oncoming traffic. If you don’t value your life, or that of your passengers, that’s your business. But swerving all over the road, driving erratically, and causing issues for other drivers makes you a hazard. (Every person who phones while driving insists they don’t drive like this. When you get to pass an erratic driver on the road, you see it is someone with a cell phone. The disconnect between these two sentences is part of the stupid.) If your life is so full or so busy you only have time to chat with friends while you are driving, you might want to look at your choices here. Or you could just spend the rest of your life with the “what if” after you cause a crash with your erratic and unnecessary behaviors.

The above could be why people don’t talk to me over the phone as much as they talk to some others. I hate knowing I’m on the other end of a phone conversation with someone who is driving a lethal weapon. I don’t want to be the reason someone else is dead or with limiting injuries for the rest of their life. Just to chat. Really. Send me an e-mail or call when you get home.

The other instance of rampant stupidity comes in television. I don’t watch it anymore, but I once did. And I see You Tube stuff showing the “best” of shows. People who volunteer to get on TV and tell the world about their issues are constantly being told “you’re a bright person.” No, they aren’t. They are dumb enough to get on television to blab about personal problems. I think TV is meant for selling your movie or your book or even your product. Not to talk about your children who are fighting with everyone else as well as you or so many problems with sex lives. Really. That’s not public fodder. You are being used for ratings and it’s pretty pathetic and stupid. Reality TV is a whole new level of stupid. How many degrading things will you do in order to have a chance to win money? Then we jail hookers. Just stupid.

Really, I think we have more than enough stupid for a long time to come. We can stop making more.