My life is fairly routine. I’ve often lamented that abysmal fact. However, when it gets all exciting it is usually in a bad way and I wish for my routine existence to return.

I work part time. My boss and I have discussed what to call my position. I’m in charge of stuff I had no idea I would be in charge of when I first took the job. I am tasked with this or that and the other things, too. I have also given myself jobs to keep my environment the way I prefer.

I am technically an administrator or possibly an administrative assistant. In reality, that means a secretary but we don’t use that outdated and outmoded term. For people whose job is to type, we made the word longer and more difficult to type. A form of job security, perhaps?

Excited woman at her computer

But since my job list includes many things that aren’t usually seen on an administrative assistant’s list, we keep casting about for another name for me. I’ve offered Office Goddess as a possibility.

Even though my job required fingerprinting (and check run by the FBI no less) and there are federal, state and local requirements associated with the business, I’m in a fairly low end on the totem pole position. So there isn’t a lot of high wire risky stuff for me. I type, enter data, create posters, file, answer phones, get clients coffee, copy, fax, and deal with the computer. See? Nothing glamorous at all.

After a busy day at work, I come home to the same man I married 37 years ago. While it is really nice to have him around, there isn’t a lot of revelation or newness left. I suppose there are a few surprises, but they are the “I didn’t know we could still …” type.

I’ve taken to trying new recipes to add a little more excitement to the kitchen. I was pretty set in cooking the same things or just slopping things together and calling it dinner. Trying new recipes is rather fun and we have enjoyed everything I’ve cooked. So I’m not completely stuck in a rut, but it’s rather close.

I’ve been trying to write something for my blog on a more regular basis. But I find it more and more difficult because, quite frankly, I have nothing to write about. I live in a suburban community where my biggest problems are 1) cars and trucks parked across the sidewalks and 2) screaming and running kids in my driveway aka the bus stop. Now really, these are not earth shattering events. They are so under the radar, they don’t even really count as events.

So what in the world should someone who lives this bland, routine existence write about? I have no idea. I probably need at least a topic. If you have seen a lonely topic out running around, let me know and I will see if I can entice it into a blog. Otherwise, I will have to … I don’t know … not write? I mean, we can’t write about not having anything to write about, can we?