I really don’t care much for politics. It is divisive and tends to lead to quarrels or fistfights. Sometimes, it even leads to wars – involving the entire world.

However, we live in a society and societies need to be overseen. We need a system for infrastructure and we need to have the needs of the social order mediated. Even anarchists expect you to stop at a red light.

Humans are social animals and prefer (usually) to live in community. We aren’t really meant to live in communities of hundreds, thousands, or millions. But these are the types of regions we have constructed for ourselves. Some smaller areas are less populous, but here in the US we have over 300,000,000 people (not counting the people who are here on visas or work permits and of course, not counting people who are here illegally and not really supposed to be here at all).

Living in community means there have to be limits. Your rights end at my nose and all that. Once there is a set of rules, something must exist to enforce them. And something else must exist to either create more rules or amend the ones in place as they become outdated. Anyway, we need politics.

We need people who are willing to work for the common good. More often than not, they get something in return. Usually it is power or money and very often it is both. Sometimes the money comes in the form of a paycheck and sometimes the money comes in the form of a donation (called a bribe when it isn’t politics).

It seems to me that local politicians are people who are working toward improving the community in which they live. They have a vested interest in keeping the home fires burning in a place where someone would want to live.

County politics doesn’t seem too far removed to be of some service. State politics means millions of people being bossed around by people who really don’t understand what it is to be one of the hoi paloi. Rather than rubbing elbows with the unwashed masses, the leaders are above the crowd, not of the crowd.

At the federal level, all bets are off. There is a payoff of not only money, but definitely power. Lobbyists are spreading around money like it is fertilizer. Anywhere else and it would be called graft and illegal, but on Capitol Hill, it is simply business as usual. And lobbyists call on all the members of Congress – both houses – all political affiliations and all religions, races, creeds. This is past the point of worrying about what the constituents want. It is my opinion we have a bunch of politicians in Washington, D.C. What we need in the nation’s capital is some dang statesmen (or stateswomen).

That said, what I want to know is why are Democrats so hateful?

Stubborn Elephant and Dumb Ass

There have been several links on Facebook with people liking or becoming fans of totally derogatory pages talking about Republicans. They say mean and terrible things. They call Republicans names and lump them all into one group that is anachronistic and stupid, if not downright mean and nearly criminal.

What is up with that? I understand Sarah Palin is no Einstein. But Nancy Palosi is no goddess, either. I would be embarrassed if that woman were representing me. But I don’t put up pages denigrating her or her supporters.

I don’t put up a page pointing out the Democrats are a bunch of dumb old asses. Or calling them names and seeing if I can get a whole bunch of people to hate on them. Instead, I keep seeing pages from the “compassionate” and “caring” Democrats calling me names and saying mean things.

And if I point out I am one of the people they are talking about, they will sometimes say, “Oh, I didn’t mean people like you,” as if that made it better. Sometimes I get nothing as a response. It is people just like me who make up the Republican Party. I am the government and I am my political party. I am it.

Perhaps I’m just not “friends” with enough conservative Republicans (although I sincerely doubt this). But none of my “nasty” and “mean” and “selfish” conservative friends are putting up links to pages calling all my “sensitive” “caring” “embracing” and “accepting” liberal friends names. Just seems a bit strange to me.

Why are Democrats being so hateful?