I’m back home and not writing again. Partly, this is due to my days being filled with tasks of great to miniscule importance.

I’ve worked more than my five hours each day this week – so far. I should be able to get out on time today. One hopes. I will take time off Monday in order to make up for the extra I worked this week. Or maybe Tuesday would be better. But one of those days will see me getting my “time” back.

I’ve had to do laundry. My own (including many of the new clothes I bought in Arizona) and all of Dick’s while I was gone. I’ve had to go to the grocery store and get some fresh foods into the house. Dick isn’t so keen on fruits and vegetables.

My new car is wonderful. But it had a horrible rattle. Dick said it didn’t happen when he was driving it. But when he tried driving it after I got home from work, he was appalled by the noise it made. He figured out it was the plastic cover on the driver’s side of the latch holding the convertible top in place. It rattles more when it is hot outside. Doesn’t rattle at all with the top down.

He made an appointment with a Mazda dealer to bring the car in yesterday morning. It was also the one and only time since I began working last October that I needed to be into work early. So we ran over to the car dealership at eight and left the car. Curtis, the man behind the desk, thought it would take less than an hour to fix. But we didn’t have that much time to wait around.

While at the grocery store the day before, I had purchased a pork roast. I was intending to get that in the Crockpot before I went to work. But I hadn’t intended on a trip to the car dealership. So Dick helped me get the roast into the Crockpot by peeling all the carrots while I dumped the rest of the stuff in.

I met Julie at the office and then we traveled downtown to a workshop on a company specific program. It was fairly beneficial. We both learned a few things that will make our lives easier from here on out. But it wasn’t as great as it could have been because there were some people who had never touched the program before while we have been using it for three years. We knew much of the basics that were being presented to the laggards who had successfully avoided using the program. One would assume they are finally taking the legacy program offline and so the Luddites are being forced into the new software.

I got home and the part for the car needed to be ordered. It was only a $20 part, but they didn’t have it in stock. My car is supposed to be ready by 10 AM today. We haven’t yet taken the Saturn to Craig, so I’ve been driving that. I only drove the Mazda for two days, but I tried to step on a clutch to start the Saturn and then grabbed the gear shift to go from first to second after pulling out from a red light. The brakes are a lot different in the two cars, too. It doesn’t take very long to get used to something.

Last evening was my first time since I got back from my vacation when I could really just laze around. So I did that. I could have looked for something topical to write about. I didn’t do that. I just sat and played a couple dumb computer games and ate cherries. Everyone needs some down time.

That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.