Yesterday was a quiet day. That doesn’t necessarily mean this will be a short post. Quiet days are as much fodder for a long piece as are days brimming with excitement. Life is all about perspective and even quiet days with my sisters are exciting.

I finally slept in until nearly six yesterday, which was really nice. So did Pam, which wasn’t so nice because she is supposed to leave the house at 5.45. Cheri got up briefly at the same six hour but she opted to go back to bed for a “short time” and got up two hours later. So I had time to update my blogs and get my morning off to its usual quiet start.

It must have been the day to sleep in. Ryan didn’t get up until almost 9.30 so the kids didn’t get here all bright and early. They got here even brighter and late. But this put the whole day behind its normal schedule. We ate lunch later than normal. But it was all good anyway.

Ryan had a barn/farm to build out of foam stuff. Pam bought a kit to put together. The green bottom pads were made to hold a fence with a well, a house and a barn, along with trees and assorted decorative items inside. The buildings are in blues and the fence is white.

Ryan and Aunt Cheri had gotten the kit out once briefly and put it away. Since it was a quiet day, they could take time to work on the craft project. So they began to work diligently. The Aunt managed to never actually swear out loud, but there were comments.

“Did this come with directions?” was the first thing from the kitchen. Pam replied with “Look on the back of the box.” Cheri said, “No, I mean …” and then she began to read the few sentences that said something along the lines of “follow the pictures.” For those of you used to building with Lego where things are beautifully pictured – don’t think of that. There were only four pictures to build from. And nothing was marked with either the part name or which part was top or bottom or inside or outside.

“I want to see the six year old who could do this.” (The label was marked for Ages 6+)

“Oh darn, this is upside down.”

At one point, mostly finished, Cheri came into the living room, got close to Pam and said, “Poke me in the eye with a stick.”

Pam had to confess she had tried to build the farm with Ryan on two separate occasions and couldn’t manage at all. She had already spent more than two hours and had nothing together (although she did have everything apart, which was nice).

Cheri got the buildings together, but they were pretty iffy. Everything needed to be glue-gunned together. Although the foam was slot and hole construction, it didn’t stay together very well. Pam had glue dots, but they didn’t really work. What we needed was a hot gun with glue oozing from the end, to carefully place glue in the appropriate places to keep things held together or put together. Something every six-year-old should be capable of, right? I’m sure no kid fresh out of kindergarten would burn his fingers or glue the table, should he be permitted to use a glue gun.

Art and crafts with Ryan and Aunt Cheri

The farm was “built” but very, very, very, very fragile. We had no idea Ryan wanted this at his house or we would have sought out a way to transport it. We had no way to transport the thing which made getting home less pleasant than it might have been. After Jen and the kids left, we found a way we thought three adults could transport the farm the short distance from Nana’s house to Jen’s house. But even with me holding the thing atop a sturdy book, it was swaying and jiggling. But we did manage to get it to Ryan.

Then we were going to the mall and were stopping for dinner. I wish I could tell you were I was, but I don’t know. It was over at that place over there on the road that went either east to west or possibly north to south. It was some place Pam had never tried, but it was going to be an adventure.

Always look carefully at the menu before ordering anything. My personal menu reading always begins with dessert. I see if there is something good there, and then build my meal around the dessert. The restaurant had great desserts. We each got soup and salad. We each got a different soup (clam chowder, broccoli and cheese, and minestrone) and a different salad dressing (honey-mustard, raspberry walnut, ranch) and then got dessert.

We got two triple chocolate pizookies and one brownie with chocolate ice cream instead of vanilla. We could easily have manage with just two desserts and probably could have been okay with just one. They were delicious, but huge.

Gnome, gnome, gnome doing nom, nom, nom

From there we went to the mall and I got to go to Christopher & Banks. Tuesday is sale day there and always has been. They had tops with a buy one, get one free option. But what I really needed was bottoms. The only skirts or slacks they had on sale at all, weren’t as on sale as I want or maybe even need. The plain colored skirts weren’t exactly what I wanted and were more than I wanted to spend. If they were either exactly what I was looking for OR cheaper, I would have bought some. But they were neither. I did get six beautiful new tops.

A very good natured C&B employee with a gnome

We came home and Pam and Cheri farmed and café worlded. Pam also corrected a couple papers already turned in for her online teaching job. I played computer games myself, but not on Facebook.

We managed to laugh a lot throughout the day. Even though it was quiet, it was packed full of love.