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We were up early. Pam decided in the night that her desk could go under the bedroom window and then she could buy the one she first wanted. She also remembered the clerk saying there computer problems had begun at 7 AM the day before – when they opened. So she went off to buy her new desk. She wanted to know if I wanted to tag along, but it was too much excitement for me. I don’t particularly mind waiting around in airports. I hate being rushed and afraid, so I prefer to be early. Of course, that’s not just for airports.

The original plan had been for Jen to take me with her while she took Ryan to school and then drop me off at the airport. Instead, we opted to have Pam take Ryan to school, Jen take me to the airport, and Cheri to wait for the Qwest person to show up with DSL stuff.

Cheri has tried so many new things on this trip. She was working crossword puzzles, she had a massage, she stopped the business business. She and Hannah were left at Pam’s house while the rest of traveled around the super highways of Phoenix. It all worked out. Jen missed the exit and so we went to the airport the other way. I was still checked in and at my gate before 10 AM.

I got my bagged checked immediately without paying for anything after I showed my receipt with the early purchase date. I walked right up to the TSA agent who checked my ID and ticket and waved me through. The longest part of going through the next checkpoint was loading my stuff in the little baskets. They permitted me to bring my contact solution without any questions.

I got to my gate area crowded with lots of people. The flight to Orlando had been delayed for two hours and the flight to Maui wasn’t scheduled to take off yet. Both planes boarded at the same time allowing me to move to an electric outlet and plug this in.

I’ve had such a great time. Laughing with my sisters. Playing with my sisters. The whole adventure of being Thelma and Louise and Louise. Playing with Ryan and Hannah. And Jen. Being in the dry heat. Seeing a monsoon storm. But mostly laughing. And playing.

This has been so much fun. I miss them all already.

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