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It was a quiet day. Pam went out to find a newspaper and buy some sweet rolls for breakfast. Cheri didn’t feel so good, but managed to find a place for a cherry Danish. That didn’t make her feel all that much better.

We lounged around, reading. Cheri and I were reading books while Pam read the newspaper ads looking for a sale on phones. Instead, she found sales on televisions. Every store had them on sale since the high definition thing is going to make all older sets not so good. They were so busy with the vision portion of the tele- that they completely ignored the phone portion. Bummer.

Pam also noted the obituaries. There was one in there that took perhaps six inches of two columns and was about some woman who dearly loved – essentially worshiped – Arizona. She died in California. She was pre-deceased by two husbands, each of whom were recognized in her full name. She was survived by her third husband whose name had no discernible relationship to her own. She had been active in her church – the Methodist of some standing, right here in Arizona. Donations could be made to her California Presbyterian church. It was all very confusing.

But the woman may have been popular in her own small circle. The winner of the space race for the obituary page was some dude how got a full quarter of a page to tell about his illustrious achievements. These people are serious about death out here.

There were the normal few column inches and a few poor souls who were given two or three lines. I guess they didn’t do much.

We eventually got Cheri feeling well enough so we could mosey on over to Jen’s house. Cheri stayed and finished sewing the purse she started a couple days ago. Pam and I took Ryan shopping – first to Michaels (yet again) and then to Target. He was doing pretty good. We found him swimming goggles but had a little problem finding swim fins that were priced within the hoped for range. He did get several other items of interest, most of which didn’t go into his own house. Instead they are hidden at Nana’s.

We also found several really cute things for Hannah to wear. The tops were $1-2 and the shorts were all $2. She should have enough outfits mixing and matching the various tops and bottoms.

We stayed at Jen’s house while a storm was brewing. We had internet there and so we got our mail and did some searching for information and then decided that even though Sprouts was open, with the storm coming in, we would wait until we knew we wouldn’t get blown off the super highways. Instead we came home and made dinner.

Pam's house

It did try to rain but ended up only sprinkling and just a little bit. So after dinner we decided to walk a little bit around Monte Vista. We met a couple adult quail and their ten or so chicks. Those little buggers really move quickly running hither and yon. They don’t do so much with straight lines, but they sure move quickly.

We were way towards the back of Monte Vista when the rain began to be more than just a here and there droplet. It didn’t pour, but it was more than sprinkling. There was nothing else to do but continue to walk home. We met a few people in cars who must have thought we were complete idiots. We waved politely and let them wonder what in the hell was the matter with us – without enough sense to come in out of the rain.

We got home and Pam was determined to color her hair. Except that it was wet. It is not advisable to color wet hair. So she put a couple pillows on the floor and laid down under the living room ceiling fan and read a book while her hair dried.

She has a hair drying and we even know where it is. The above behavior is simply inexplicable. Her hair dried, she got it colored. Beautiful. We were all busy reading our books and went to bed as the mood struck us.

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