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Jen brought the kids over and we went to the pool. It was later than one would normally begin swimming in Arizona – or far earlier. We went swimming at about 10:30 when it was already getting hot. The sun was shining. We were coated in sunscreen. Grade 30 or higher.

While we were waiting for Jen, we dressed in appropriate costumes for the event. Nothing like three grandmothers donning swimsuits to encourage feelings of rampant self-confidence and healthy body concept.

Cheri bought a special suit to come out here since she had no suit already in her closet. She selected a black and white patterned one piece suit with a skirt attached. She also needed a beach cover-up for the walk back and forth to the pool. She selected a vibrant magenta patterned with purples and greens muumuu. It’s eye catching, to say the least.

Jen was on the way over and as we waited Cheri said that she was worried about the skirt thing because of all the pictures of the dancing hippopotamuses wearing tutus were reminiscent of her outfit. To demonstrate, she did a perfect rendition of the hippo-in-tutu dance. It got us so silly.

Jen came and we got to the pool and we got covered in sunscreen and we got into the water. I thought the water was very warm since the last not bathtub water I had been in was the Atlantic Ocean this past spring. THAT was cold. This seemed warm to me, but Jen said their pool was almost bath water temperature.

We all got in with the kids being wary of having any of these old people actually in charge of their not drowning. They preferred their own mother to be in charge of that. Cheri found a new problem with her swimsuit. The skirt was only attached at the top of the suit so that the overflowing skirt was floating up around her armpits. A lovely picture there. She then declared the black and white pattern was less hippopotamus and more whale.

Slowly and surely, the kids got more used to the grandmother trio being trustworthy and thinking we may have had enough sense to not them fall to the bottom of the pool like a ton of bricks. No, the Nana Patrol could actually be fun. Who knew?

Ryan was coming down the steps and hanging on my back and then I walked out into the water and turned us around and went back to the steps. On a subsequent trip I mentioned I had a Ryan on my back or maybe even a monkey on my back. Now wasn’t that creative?

So on the next trip out, Jen asked the animal expert what the animal was that attached itself to the back of a whale and lived in a symbiotic dyad. I assumed I was the whale.

I turned with an incredulous look – or possible some other look. MY suit is white with red flowers patterned across it. Harrumph. Cheri thought it was the funniest thing she heard all day.

Hannah started getting tired of the whole pool thing. She and Nana went to get the mail and then Pam, Hannah, and I headed back to the house. We had a roast to get into the crockpot and we all needed to get out of the sun.

The rest of the crew returned shortly and we all had lunch. Jen and Cheri took the kids back to Jen’s house. The two adults were going to make Cheri a purse while the kids rested and/or napped. They did get most of the way finished with one before they came back to Pam’s.

Pam went to church and the Methuselah priest had the Mass. He spoke for 20 minutes speeding through 35 (yes, she really counted them) different discrete topics. Apparently he is not an in-depth sort of guy.

Dinner was delicious, Jen and the kids went back home, and the adults were plain tired and went off to bed quite early. Too much fun does that to an old person. Although we aren’t as young as we look.

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